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SS Hearing Centre is a multi-disciplinary specialist centre for the assessment, diagnosis and management of hearing disorders speech and language difficulties, tinnitus and balance disorders for people of all ages. We offer best practice, independent hearing assessments and services including hearing aids, hearing rehabilitation and diagnosis and management of auditory processing disorders.


To create a complete rebrand of SS Hearing Center to showcase the Treatments provided by the Doctors at SS Hearing Center. As well as to create awareness among the people on Hearing and Speech loss and their treatment. To work on Logo for better representation


Team Saffron9 has recreated the logo from scratch. We have Designed the website using the color contrast from the logo. The site includes a full CMS (content management site) that can be easily updated by the user.

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Ground Floor, Pari Market, Magistrate Colony, Asihyana Digha Road, Patna , Bihar 800014

+91 9835051177 / +91 9006561188

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