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Dreamers to Achievers Spreading the art of achieving Dreamers to AchieversDreamers to Achievers Spreading the art of Achieving min


Dreamers to Achievers, The one and only primary support system in India, helping students from 7th grade onwards to set their dreams right and learn the art of achieving. Because, this is the most important phase in a student's life when they are exposed to certain attractions which can take the shape of unwanted addictions.

Dreamers to Achievers is the pioneer organization with its only mission of spreading the art of achieving among those who requires it the most. So we have developed a unique workshop for primary school students of India where they are equipped with the most important tool of their life, "The Achievers Tool".

"Dreamers to Achievers" relate its mission to the stepping stone of the strong foundation of the building of our nation. This is the only reason why we work with teenager students across the schools of India.

We strongly believe that if the students of primary schools are taken into consideration and treated with an extra care to help them learn to take responsibility of their own fate, we would never be in a situation where we have to say, "It's too late to change him". Being a parent and a teacher its very tough time to use this kind of a sentence for any youngster.

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